A Part of Solution That Can Help Karachiites to Fight with Climate Change

(It can be adopted by anyone from anywhere to)

Hello everyone let me make sure to tell you that in this blog we are about to talk about Pakistan and particularly about Karachi, and how people living in Karachi can fight with climatic changes. Last year Karachi was surrounded by heat wave, there are multiple causes proposed by various sources, but only talking about what caused it is not enough we have got to develop mechanisms through which we could encounter the heat wave. Here we need to be very clear about the root cause of climatic change i.e. lack of trees and plants, now according to what I have researched not only trees helps to stabilize the environment but small and medium-sized plants also helps to improve environment, to make sure that you understand let me assure you that even grass in your lawn also contributes in the betterment of environment.

Most of the people living in urban areas complain that they don’t have enough space to do anything; comments like this are heard most of the time from people living in multiple story building, well you have the roof where you can plant variety of plants in different sized containers. And if you really want to contribute to the environment you should try to grow as many as you can afford to, and bear in mind that every single plant is important for the betterment of environment. What I can do right now is that I can give simple advises to people who wants to make difference. I have done roof top gardening for about 5 years and since we shifted in new house where I have a substantial piece of land to grow plants I have been doing gardening by myself for last three years, which means that I have been doing gardening for last 8 years. So what should be kept in mind while planning for growing roof top garden?

  • Reason of planting
  • Size and kind of containers
  • Kinds of plants
  • How much time you can spare
  • How much water you can spare

Reason of planting

While planning for setting up the roof top garden we need to look at multiple factors such as the availability of water and time or for some old building how much weight roof can bear, the flow of drainage of water is proper or not, last thing you want is water seepage in the roof and these kind of damages are irreversible. Once you understand these small things you can decide how many plants you are going to place on the roof top, if you are having problem with deciding such problem just start with few pots and gradually and steadily increase the number of plants till you are at your limit.

Reason of planting should also be kept in mind, your reason could be to reduce the exposure of the rooftop from the direct sunlight, or to renovate your roof top while increasing greenery so that in the evening you could go and have a cup of tea at the roof or something like that, another possibility is growing a kitchen garden.

My advice is that you should decide while keeping in mind that you are not planning to do gardening only for a year or so but for the long-term, and that is why do what you will be able to continue for a longer period of time, you should keep it realist and futuristic.

Size and Kinds Containers

The size of container is directly linked with the kind of plant you are going to grow, how much water you can spare, and how much time you can spare. Normally the bigger the container is larger the interval in the watering schedule your plants can bear. If you don’t have enough water you should buy the larger pot that way you can give water on weekly basis, the largest size available in market is called 24 inch pot, after that 20 inch, and 18 inch pot are the ideal for the roof top gardening any smaller than that and you will find yourself in pinch as you will need to water them on daily basis, minimum watering requirement of water for 18 inch pot could be every alternative day.

Also another important factor is that you should go for pots that are made of clay and try not to go for cemented pots, reason being is that clay pots are naturally heat-resistant due to which the watering requirement of pots made of clay is way less than that of the cement made pots.

Kind of Plants

Kinds of plants you select depend on the reason of your gardening, and the pots sizes you can afford to put on your rooftop. You should research properly before buying any plant. Having multiple plants of similar kinds insures that the long-term stability of the rooftop garden.

Following are the some plants that if planted in 24 inch pots can provide enough shade to roof and will require watering once in a week

  1. Ficus
  2. Conocarpus
  3. Adonidia (Christmas) palm
  4. Phoenix palm
  5. Gulmohar tree
  6. Ashoke Tree
  7. Bugan villa (brought up as plant)
  8. China Palm
  9. Canair palnt (yellow)
  10. Niglam tree
  11. Different

Time and Water

Everything trickles down to how much time and water do you have, if you have enough time and water to give to a plant than possibilities of what you can do becomes unlimited, if you have less water but can spare time than through thorough research and planning you can find varieties of plants that can survive on less water and will still look beautiful, and if you lack both time and water than planting rough and tough plants like Ficus and Conocarpus can help you to contribute in the betterment of environment.


Cost varies from size of pots, and genera and age of plants.

  • Extra Large sized potted plants can be available for 2000 to 8000 Rs each
  • Large sized potted plants can be available for 1800 to 6000 Rs each
  • Medium sized potted plant can be available for 900 to 4000 Rs each

Smaller than medium size pots are not recommended for rooftop gardening, but if you still insist they are called special pots smaller than special pots are called 12 inch, also 12 inch has two versions.


Ideal placement of plant is at least 3 feet apart from every plant around it, through this placement technique you can get most of the roof protected from direct sunlight.

How Can I help you?

If you want to avail services for setting up a rooftop garden within Karachi you can contact us at our email address


We can set up the garden for you on the above mentioned price range, and will also help you to select how much plants should you buy and what kind of plants should you keep.